• Hispanic Studies (Minor)

  • Overview

    The Hispanic Studies minor is offered through the Schools of Public Engagement.

    A minor in Hispanic Studies can complement any undergraduate major, such as History, Sociology, The Arts, Literary Studies, and Food Studies.

    Hispanic Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that draws on a broad range of courses in language, literature, film, history, and politics. The minor can complement any concentration, deepening students' global competencies, cross-cultural perspectives, and awareness of a range of important cultural and social issues.

    The knowledge and skills students acquire through advanced study of a foreign language prepare them for a diverse and increasingly international workplace and for further study in graduate school. Career possibilities include jobs in translation and interpreting, international affairs, nonprofit work, media and journalism, and business.

    Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Some courses may be in development and offered at a later time. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework to fulfill the minor should consult with their advisors.


    Subject AreaSample CoursesCredits
    Core RequirementsNSPN 2101 Spanish Intermediate 1
    NSPN 2102 Spanish Intermediate 2
    NSPN 2731 Conversational Spanish
    NSPN 3016 Storytelling in Spanish
    NSPN 3020 Spanish in the Media
    NSPN 3201 Spanish Cinema
    Additional Courses

    NSPN 1101 Spanish Introductory 1
    NSPN 1102 Spanish Introductory 2
    NLST 1125 Cuba Now! Arts and Society
    NLST 1555 Latinx Media
    NSPN 3017 Spanish in the Media
    NSPN 3101 Latin American Fiction in Spanish
    NSPN 3101 Latin American Film


    Eighteen credits are needed for the minor; at least 12 credits of the 18 must be earned by taking courses in the NSPN or NFLN subject codes at the 2000 level or higher.

    Learning Outcomes

    A student who has completed this minor should be able to demonstrate:

    • Effective spoken and written communicative skills in Spanish at the intermediate level or above in the interpersonal, interpretative, and presentational modes
    • Cultural awareness of the diverse societies within the Spanish-speaking world
    • Analytic, interpretive, and critical thinking skills with respect to literature and cultural studies
    • Knowledge of similarities and differences between the student's own culture and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world


    Students who participate in a study abroad program with partner institutions can apply some of their coursework toward requirements for the minor in Hispanic Studies.

    Students must earn a grade of C or higher in all courses taken for the minor.

    For questions regarding this minor's curriculum, including requests for course substitutions, please contact Sara Villa, Coordinator of Hispanic Studies, at villas@newschool.edu or 212.229.8947.

    How to Declare or Change a Minor

    General guidelines for declaring a minor are available here. Current students can declare or change a minor by logging in to my.newschool.edu, clicking on the Academics tab, and then clicking on the link to Major/Minor Declarations.

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