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    The Contemporary Dance minor is offered through Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts. This page outlines requirements for the minor. Lang students who major in The Arts at Lang (BA The Arts) also have the option to pursue the Arts in Context concentration, in which they can study dance along with a liberal arts discipline. For example, students can study dance criticism and journalism by taking courses through Literary Studies and Writing. 

    Part of the interdisciplinary arts curriculum at Lang, the Contemporary Dance program offers a unique undergraduate curriculum centered on recent developments in the field, combining intensive practice and performance opportunities with a rigorous liberal arts education. The curriculum emphasizes research and experimentation, while fostering a sense of social responsibility.

    Studying dance at Lang is not just about learning the history of the discipline or training to become a performer or choreographer; it also involves looking to dance in order to think about the world. Dialogue takes place across artistic genres and students are encouraged to think about dance in social, historical, and cultural contexts, employing a variety of disciplinary lenses. Students learn to think critically about their art, and they graduate with skills that enable them to explore, research, and engage in thoughtful discourse about whatever discipline they choose to pursue, whether dance or a related field. Many courses in the Contemporary Dance curriculum are suitable for students with any degree of previous experience, and the participation of nonmajors is encouraged. Read more about the Contemporary Dance program.


    The Contemporary Dance minor is designed to introduce various approaches to dance research, including embodied practice and academic study of theory and history.

    The minor requires a minimum of 19 credits in the following courses:

    • LDAN 2018: Foundations in Dance Studies (4 credits)
    • LDAN 2102 Trio of Contemporary Dance Practices (2 credits)
    • 1 LDAN Studio course (1 credit minimum). Choose from approved courses in movement practice and/or choreographic research and/or performance.
    • 12 credits in liberal arts courses from the Dance area of study. Choose from liberal arts courses in the Dance area of study, including all LDAN seminars and specified LINA courses.

    Total credits: 19 minimum

    Students must receive a grade of C or better in all courses to fulfill the minor. Only specific courses satisfy the minor requirements, including electives. See the university course catalog for fall 2024 Contemporary Dance courses that fulfill these requirements. Classes should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the departmental faculty advisor. Students should track their progress using the program requirement worksheet (PDF) for the year in which they declared their minor in Contemporary Dance.


    Minors are available to all undergraduate students at The New School. Note: Students majoring in The Arts (BA The Arts) can enroll in any minor of their choice, as long as it is in a different discipline.

    Please meet with your Student Success advisor to discuss how a minor will fit in with your overall degree requirements. If you have additional questions about requirements for the Contemporary Dance minor that cannot be answered by your Student Success advisor, please consult:

    Neil Greenberg
    Director and Departmental Faculty Advisor for Contemporary Dance  

    How to Declare or Change a Minor

    General guidelines for declaring a minor are available here. Current students can declare or change a minor by logging in to my.newschool.edu, clicking on the Academics tab, and then clicking on the link to Major/Minor Declarations.

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    Contact your Student Success advisor to discuss how a minor will fit with your degree requirements.

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