• Student Research Awards & Teaching Program

  • A collaboration between the University Student Senate and the Office of the President, the New School Student Research Award provides support for students in their work as researchers, scholars, and creative practitioners.

    The university awards small grants for developing or implementing a research project (broadly defined to include the full scope of scholarly, creative, and professional practices across the colleges of The New School) with project-related expenses—for example, travel, equipment and supplies, access fees for data, memberships, or dissemination. Proposals are also welcome for other kinds of expenses relevant to student research (broadly defined), including but not limited to support for travel to research sites, travel and registration costs for presenting completed work at an academic or professional conference, and costs for showcasing artwork or performances. Applicants may apply for a maximum of $3,000 for individual grants or a maximum of $5,000 for collaborative grants that involve more than one student, but applications for lower levels of funding are also encouraged.

    For more information related to the Student Research Awards, please visit the Research Support website

  • Graduate Student Teaching Program

    The New School provides graduate students with employment opportunities as Teaching Fellows (TFs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs).

    Teaching Fellows are the instructors of record for their courses and bear full responsibility for the classes they teach. Teaching Assistants work under the direction of a course instructor to help with a range of instructional responsibilities, which may include leading a discussion section. Please consult this document for an overview of the differences in responsibilities between these two positions.

    Serving as a Teaching Assistant is an important first step in the process of becoming a course instructor. Students who do not have experience as TAs or instructors in a college or university setting will therefore ideally apply first to be Teaching Assistants rather than Teaching Fellows.

    The application for Teaching Fellowships for the 2024–2025 academic year will open on November 6. An email announcement will be sent to students with further details in mid-fall 2023.

    The application for Teaching Assistantships for the 2024–2025 academic year will open in April. Selected TA applicants will begin to receive tentative offer letters for fall 2024 positions as early as late April and on a rolling basis through the summer. Any questions about spring 2024 openings for academically eligible students should be directed to gradstudentteaching@newschool.edu

    Additional questions should be sent to gradstudentteaching@newschool.edu. For answers to the most commonly asked questions, please consult our FAQ.

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