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  • The College of Performing Arts of The New School comprises Mannes School of Music, School of Jazz, and School of Drama, dedicated to advancing the creative role of the performing arts in all aspects of a rapidly changing society. We seek to develop Citizen Artists who engage the world around them, in and through the arts, in traditional, emergent, and new forms of aesthetic practice.

    To this end, students who successfully complete the degree programs of the College of Performing Arts will be able to demonstrate capacity in the following proficiencies of 21st Century Citizen Artistry:

    Artistic Excellence

    Students demonstrate conceptual understanding and mastery of skills related to their study and practice grounded in technique and experiential learning.

    Collaborative Practice

    Students develop and realize artistic expression through collaborative creation, improvisation, composition, and performative practice to further aesthetic understanding, artistry, and innovation.

    Contextual Learning

    Students investigate and apply knowledge of historical, contemporary, and emergent practices to inform the creation and performance of existing and new work, within and beyond their artistic discipline.

    Citizenship and Engagement

    Students demonstrate informed engagement and global understanding of political, social, and community issues through artistic practice.


    Students demonstrate capacity for self-advocacy and agency in preparation for multi-faceted careers beyond performance in their primary discipline as artists in a 21st Century professional context.

    Technology (Creative Technologies/New Media)

    Students engage with relevant technology to achieve technological literacy as a way to inform their artistic and creative practice, develop and understand multimodal communication and prepare for 21st Century career goals in an increasingly intermediated world.

    Reflective Practice

    Students consider and assess their own work and the work of others using critical inquiry to deepen understanding and further artistic practice.

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