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  • Outcomes

  • Graduates of our master’s programs in international affairs go on to shape the future of their academic and professional fields around the world, bringing expertise, progressive approaches, and innovative ideas to academia, nonprofits, government, and business. Our alumni apply their skills and insights to a range of careers in international affairs around the world, from international security and humanitarian aid to urban development and media.

  • Careers in International Affairs

    • Nicholas Barber: Environmental Policy

      “I was drawn to The New School because it was based in New York City, and I could interact with the city's range of international NGOs, intergovernmental institutions, global companies, and, specifically, the UN System.”

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      Nicholas Barber
    • Fatema Hayat: Government

      “One of the greatest things about The New School was how challenging and balanced the International Affairs program was....certain professors were pragmatic and others theoretical. The faculty was always helpful and understanding. It was a fun yet challenging learning experience.”

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      Fatema Hayat
    • Sarah Gilbert: Humanitarian Aid

      “I was searching for a master’s degree program that valued my professional experience and took consideration of people that wanted to live their lives but still wanted to pursue a higher degree.”

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      Sarah Gilbert
    • Tulsi Byrne: Investing

      “From a content perspective, the classes I took on human rights, natural resources, gender, and corporate sustainability provided strong theoretical frameworks that I could apply to my job at the UN Global Compact and beyond.”

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      Tulsi Byrne
    • Lorena Ruiz: Media

      “Classes were small and stimulating, and everyone participated. I learned as much from my amazing peers as I did from my professors. I found the intellectual challenge I had craved for so long.”

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      Lorena Ruiz
    • Muhammed Korany: Refugee Assistance

      “I need to be challenged in life, need to be doing something of purpose, and I think that’s something I learned at International Affairs, something I learned at The New School.”

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      Muhammed Korany
  • The New School’s Center for Graduate Careers and Professional Development is dedicated to assisting master’s and doctoral students in making connections between their academic experiences and professional paths while engaging with a competitive global market. The Center helps students build their professional networks by fostering connections with alumni, faculty, and employers.

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