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  • Curriculum

    The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology requires completion of 120 credits, including at least 40 credits in the major as described below. Psychology courses prepare students for graduate study in academic or applied psychology and for careers in psychology-related human service fields such as social work and counseling.

    Students choose their courses in consultation with a faculty advisor. Only courses designated by The New School's Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students satisfy major (or minor) requirements, including psychology electives. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill the major or minor requirements. Search the University Course Catalog for a list of current course offerings.

    Required Courses Credits
    Introductory Course - Choose One
    NPSY 2001 Fundamentals of Psychology
    ULEC 2160/2161 Introduction to Psychology


    Research Methods Course
    NPSY 2701 Research Methods I
    Statistics Course
    NPSY 2010 Introductory Statistics
    Integrative Foundations Course
    NPSY 3347 Cultural Psychology
    Fundamentals Courses - Choose Four
    NPSY 2140 Introduction to Neuropsychology 
    NPSY 2301 Introduction to Social Psychology
    NPSY 2323 Introduction to Applied Psychology
    NPSY 2401 Theories of Personality
    NPSY 2501 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
    NPSY 2556 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
    NPSY 2601 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
    NPSY 2843 Introduction to Health Psychology
    Intermediate Psychology Courses - Choose Four or More
    NPSY 3646 Mindfulness and Meditation in Psychology
    NPSY 3841 Psychology of Gender
    NPSY 3220 Psychology of Adolescence
    NPSY 3820 Media Psychology
    NPSY 3530 Attachment Across the Lifespan
    NPSY 3339 Psychology, Technology, and Ethics
    NPSY 3500 Forensic Psychology
    NPSY 3801 History and Systems of Psychology

    NPSY 3630 Trauma Politics and Culture
    NPSY 3671 Reproductive Technologies, Rights, and In/justice
    NPSY 3414 Psychology and Climate Justice
    NPSY 3602 Psychology and Sexuality
    NPSY 3650 Psychology of Prejudice
    NPSY 3202 Psychology, Technology, and Design 
    NPSY 3700 Psychedelics and Psychology
    NPSY 4115 Community Psychology
    NPSY 3850 Systems of Therapy

    Senior Capstone Experience - Choose One
    NPSY 4900 Independent Senior Project
    GPSY 1 graduate-level Psychology course by advisement
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