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  • The core of the Adult Bachelor’s Program is the Self-Designed Liberal Arts BA/BS degree. This dynamic program gives students the freedom to design their own course of study, choosing from hundreds of inspiring and relevant courses. Whether you choose the flexible Liberal Arts program or one of our nine majors, your studies will prepare you for an evolving career landscape that demands thoughtful analysis, creative communication, and the ability to integrate diverse forms of knowledge into a coherent whole.

  • Explore Majors & Subject Areas

    Choose from an exciting mix of innovative and traditional subject areas and major fields of study, many of which cross disciplinary boundaries.
  • Pursuing a minor gives you an opportunity to explore a subject you're passionate about and gain specialized knowledge that can help you toward your career goals. The New School lets you customize your studies and develop a broad interdisciplinary perspective by taking courses throughout the university to complete a minor.
  • Flexible Learning Opportunities

    One curriculum does not fit all. That's why our adult education program gives you the freedom to customize not just what you learn, but how you learn. Whether inside the classroom or out in the world, we help you earn your degree on your terms.
    • Online Learning

      Online Learning

      Taking courses online allows you to adapt your educational experience to your full and busy schedule. About 25 percent of our curriculum is offered online, and you can complete some or all of your courses online at any time during your course of study.

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    • Experiential Education

      Experiential Education

      Once you have completed a few courses in the program, you can earn credit for internships, study abroad, and self-directed projects such as professional engagements, artistic and performance pieces, and independent research.

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    • Independent Study

      Self-Directed Learning

      Self-directed learning enables students to connect learning with the world outside the classroom through applied, experimental, innovative, and practical projects.

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  • Advising is integral in helping you attain your goals in the Adult Bachelor’s Program. Advising in the program is done primarily by Core Faculty Advisors, a select group of instructors with in-depth knowledge of The New School and the liberal arts. Advising is a collaborative process in which you develop a coherent plan of study that not only assists you in attaining your degree, but also positions you for what comes next after graduation.

  • You can continue your academic journey at The New School through pursuit of a graduate degree. The Bachelor's-Master's Program allows you to save time and money by earning graduate credits that will apply to both your undergraduate degree and one of the select graduate degrees at The New School for Social Research, the Schools of Public Engagement, and Parsons School of Design.
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